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Beijing ou peng Bach new energy technology co., LTD. The chairman delivered a speech

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Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues:

Happy New Year!

Again, very happy in this reunion, festive occasion together with you, old, celebrate the New Year! In 2015, is the company's development in the history of the most inspiring and encouraging for a year, is also writing history, the history of a year, the company every step's achievements are condensed the ou peng Bach person's hard work and wisdom, as we are of one mind, selfless dedication, united struggle. Here I want to thank everybody has been hard work, thank you for your great support!

At present, the national new energy automotive industry chain is in the stage of rapid development. Since 2014, the country's good policy of vigorously developing the new energy automotive industry intensive, China's new energy automobile market began a spurt of growth. According to ministry of public figures in 2014, the production of new energy vehicles in China in 83900, to 2015, 379000 vehicles, new energy automobile production growth in more than four times; Is expected in 2016 China's new energy car sales will hit 700000 units, annual output to 2020 or will be the world's first.

"The central committee of the communist party of China to develop the 13th five-year plan for national economic and social development suggestion, proposed to promote new energy vehicles will continue to implement plan, improve the level of industrialization of electric vehicles, new energy automobile industry chain is expected to be positive in the long run. New energy vehicles already in the past may be considered as the demonstration operation to the marketization of the early development stage, we can foresee the future of new energy vehicles will be at a higher capacity requirements of higher quality requirements of high speed development as the main melody. To grasp the good opportunity, expand the scale of enterprises, to enter the top three in the same industry, is one of the main us ou peng Bach 2016 annual work objectives. At the same time, we should improve the core competitiveness of enterprise, increase the intensity of technological innovation. From BMS to PACK, from the motor control system to the extension of research and development of powertrain system, technical route of pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid river extended range, types of products covers commercial vehicles and passenger cars, cars, buses, utility vehicles, including light trucks, heavy trucks and so on the many kinds of product platform.

We are not only the pursuit of goals in a digital, more to create the social value of the enterprise, outstanding corporate culture, shaping ou peng Bach promote employees' happiness index. We want to create a harmonious labor relations, promoting pragmatic style of work, encourage everyone to continue to surpass ourselves and to achieve win-win with the enterprise goal, let everyone in the ou peng Bach family feel the glory and pride!

In 2016, will carry the us more expectation and ideal, let us hand in hand advance together, in the New Year span, create brilliant!