Enterprise brief introduction

Beijing ou peng Bach new energy technology co., LTD is a leading new energy automobile power system solution provider, high quality supplier of spare parts. Company headquarters is located in Beijing, China, in Beijing, hefei, nanjing has a technology center, nanjing, fuyang, hefei three manufacturing bases.

Ou peng Bach was founded in December 2012, on May 4, 2016, has been officially listed in the new three board. (new three board first to BMS and PACK for the main business of the listed companies)

Business start-up period will establish new energy system and core components for the main direction of the company. With the introduction of German technology as the core, for the customer to make comprehensive solutions, to meet customer requirements.

Ou peng Bach is based on the three technology center and three manufacturing base, realize rapid response to customers, the enterprise product series include new energy car battery management system, new energy car battery group system, sensor system etc.

Ou peng Bach's strategic goal is to: focus on products achieve rapid growth in China. To become the world's best carmakers trusted partner, each year one or two new technology products to market, promote new energy vehicles in the subdivided market to lower energy consumption more intelligent field change, become the most customer recognition of core enterprise growth ability of new energy automobile components.